The Do’s and Don’ts of RV Travel

I had a really great conversation with a few RVers on Clubhouse this past week. Together, we came up with a list of items that have become the Dos and Don’ts of RV Travel.

DO Plan a rough timeline/schedule but be flexible

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RV Travel isn’t just about planning how you want to get from point A to point Z. You don’t have to micromanage all of the stops in between. Personally, I have found the most enjoyment from making random stops along the way, good or bad… those are usually the most memorable.

DO plan to stop frequently and make time to visit quirky roadside attractions

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Stopping frequently is a traveling MUST. It keeps you from being sleepy while driving and helps the circulation in your arms and legs. You should plan to stop every 1-2 hours, even if it is simply to walk into a convenience store. Your body will thank you.

DON’T wait until the last minute to do your research

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Do research on the attractions and restaurants that you definitely want to see. Prioritize them by “Must See” “Would Like to See” and “It might be nice to see.” Get feedback from your other travelers in your RV Travel group prior to leaving too. (Make sure that everyone is on the same page).

DO have a handy-dandy a paper map

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What happens if you lose your GPS signal? Make sure that you have a paper backup or pay for an app that will allow you to download your travel maps. It can be a fun and educational family project to map out the route together (#Homeschooling).

Here are a couple of recommended apps:

Roadtrippers/TOGO RV – $29.99 per year (available for both IOS and Android) – This site includes plenty of content and checklists for the road, service centers, mobile mechanics, rest stops, and other information that would be beneficial to you on the road.

The Dyrt –  $29.99 per year – this also comes with a various array of discount coupons for outdoor accessories and campgrounds (available for both IOS and Android)

Roadside America – Prices starting at $2.99 (Available on IOS only)

DON’T travel through cities during rush hour

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Everybody hates rush hour. Don’t try it, especially if it is your first time on the road in an RV. It’s easy enough to pause, grab a meal and just relax, if you have the time.

DO Visit America’s National Park System (buy a National Parks pass)

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The America the Beautiful Annual Pass offers one year, unlimited access, for the pass owner and all passengers in a single, non-commercial vehicle at sites that charge a per vehicle fee. For parks that charge per person fee, the pass is valid for the owner and up to three adults. Children 15 and under are admitted free. Some other adventures, such as camping and wilderness use, may require additional fees.

DON’T leave without AAA or another kind of roadside assistance

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Good Sam, The American Automobile Association (AAA), Allstate Motor Club, The Better World Club, The Paragon Motor Club. Regardless of who you go with for insurance during RV Travel, you should consider having roadside assistance as a backup plan. Be sure to check towing coverage!

DO plan a playlist of favorite songs for the trip

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A few days ahead of your road trip, start making a list of your favorite songs. Google or phone a friend if you need to do so. Depending on how long you will be on the road, a good goal is 3-5 hours of music. This way you can just shuffle songs and hit the road. Pandora and Spotify are a couple of our favorite apps to use.

DON’T put your daily workouts on hold

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Your daily exercise regimen is essential for your health and well being. RV Travelers also find it more difficult to stick to their original diet plans. Don’t skip your daily exercises. It will help you stay mentally balanced and to continue the momentum that you have going when you are at home.

DO pack a stash of snacks for the road, and DON’T forget the water

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Healthy snacks can be difficult to find on the road. Especially if you have special dietary needs. So go ahead and pack a bag of snacks for the trip. Hopefully, this will help you stave off the cravings for convenience store junk food. Don’t forget to pack extra water!

DON’T wait until you are almost empty to look for a gas station

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Not all gas stations are RV-friendly. Flying J is a good gas station to look for because they have RV friendly lanes but they aren’t located everywhere. Some of the apps listed earlier in this article (Like Roadtrippers) helps you locate gas stations that can accommodate an RV.

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  1. Great tips And we agree! Though because we drive a buyer right we tend to drive 2-3 hours between stops. And having food prepared – along with plenty of water – in advance is a must! Agree – have a plan but be flexible too. And having paper map as a backup instead of relying solely on GPS is a must for all RVers. Keep up the good work!

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