How to Maintain a Healthy Work/RV Life Balance

RVs are not just used by vacation-goers anymore. Nearly one-million Americans use their RV as a primary residence (RVIA). The RV lifestyle continues to become more attainable as remote job opportunities increase. 29 percent of respondents indicated they had worked from an RV in 2020, and 42 percent said they intended to do so in 2021 (RVIA). Of the total U.S. workforce, 20% of Americans worked from home pre-pandemic. Now 71% of Americans work from home (Pew Research Center). Younger, accomplished RV’ers are taking their work on the road to enjoy a dynamic and affordable lifestyle.

A majority of RV owners are traveling during their prime working and child-rearing years. Generation X and Baby Boomers make up the majority of RV owners. (RVIA) Managing a healthy work and RV lifestyle balance is not as simple as parking your rig at a stellar viewpoint. Working from the road takes planning and dedication.

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Your RV Life Schedule

When your job is on-location, your work schedule is clearly defined. Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Many remote jobs offer workers the flexibility to complete their work on a self-imposed schedule. Flexible schedules are a great perk for working from the road. You should be conscientious when making your own schedule to account for ample time for both work and play. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Productivity:  Everyone has a specific time of day when we are most productive. Are you a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed morning person? Try to set your schedule around your most productive time of day so that your work will be completed as efficiently as possible.
  • Time-zone:  If you are collaborating with colleagues in various time zones, you will want to be well aware of the time day. Try to set your schedule around a time when colleagues are accessible.
  • Household schedule:  Your roommates, partner, or family members want your attention and cooperation throughout the day. After all, you are living the RV lifestyle to maximize quality time with your loved ones! Discuss your work schedule with other members of your RV. Try to set your schedule around household activities and make certain everyone knows your schedule. You will not want interruptions during work and your fellow RV’ers will appreciate your undivided attention after you clock out for the day.
  • Work ahead of schedule when you have the opportunity. Getting ahead can provide you additional travel time when you plan to change locations. It can also give you an advantage if you encounter a camping location with poor WiFi connectivity and you cannot complete your work in a timely manner.
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Workspace for the RV Life

You have seen Instagram photos of RV’ers sitting atop their rig with a laptop in their lap but, the reality of that space is a seat without any lower-back support and a sun-tainted view of the screen. Designate a workspace in your RV. It can be difficult to carve out any amount of personal space in a small environment yet, you might be able to use a portable laptop desk or convert a common space to double as a desk and dining table. If you are able to relocate to a campground lounge, a local WiFi cafe, or a local library you will have all the space you need and be free of the distractions of home. Using a headset can help to reduce background noise while you work, or to clearly communicate with colleagues and clients during conference calls.

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Travel Pace

Moving your RV takes preparation and time. Make slow moves between work assignments and deadlines. You might travel a half-day to your next location and take the other half of the day to reset your rig and campsite. Spend a few additional days at locations so that you can explore when you are not working. While living the RV Life, be sure to plan ahead to find campsites that have easy access to your necessities. Maybe you can bike to the closest supermarket rather than breakdown your workspace to prep your rig for a brief move. Maybe you have an upcoming, in-person appointment and your next campsite must be near an airport. If you travel slowly and plan ahead you will find an excellent work and RV life balance!

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